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 Litigation and Arbitration
  , Domestic and foreign disputes in economy and commerce.
  , Administrative action.Criminal action.
  , Legal consultation for the suspect and the defendant.
  , Agent in criminal appeal or charge.
  , Advocacy for the defendant.
  , Act as agent for private prosecutor, victim of public prosecution or their close
  , Act as agent for a party in a civil suit collateral to criminal proceedings.
  , Legal consultation in criminal prevention for enterprises and natural persons
 Import and Export Trade
  , Financing and clearance of trade.
  , Transportation.
  , Customs supervision, commodity inspection, animal inspection and taxation.
  , Anti-unfair competition.Chain-sale and chain-managemen
 Intellectual Property
  , Inquiry, registration and checking affairs of intellectual property.
  , Confirmation and protection of trademark, patent and copyright.
  , Intellectual property trading, transfer and licenced-use of patent, trademark and
  , Transfer and licenced-use of know-how.
  , Contract of technology development, technology service and technology consultation.
  , Development and protection of computer software.

 Real Estate
  , Real estate developing strategy and its financing, merchandising and sales business.   , Project land-use license.
  , Project planning license.
  , Obtain, use and protection of the right to use allotted land.
  , Sale, transfer, lease and mortgage of land-use right.
  , House relocation, settlement and reimbursement.
  , Project tender and bidding.
  , Project construction, contract issuing and acceptance.
¥ Finance
  , Project loan
  , Commercial loan
  , Credit and mortgage guaranty of loans
  , Capital lease
  , Commercial instruments
  , Trust business
¥ Corporation and Security
  , Establishment and formation of limited company and joint-stock limited company.
  , Forming of a joint-stock limited company by stock flotation and by promoters buying
   out all stocks issued.
  , Adjustment and reforming of property right.
  , Forming of company group and its property right and management.
  , Reforming of enterprises in line with stock system.
  , Transfer, auction and sale of property right and asset.
  , Transfer of company share.
  , Merger and split of company.
  , Purchase and annexation of company.
  , Dissolution and liquidation of company.
  , Bankruptcy and liquidation of company.
  , Registration and protection of company title.
  , Establishment, management, alteration and dissolution of non-corporate enterprise.
¥ Foreign Investment
  , Establishment design of foreign-invested enterprise, including joint venture,
   contractual corporate venture, exclusively foreign-funded enterprise.
  , Drafting and amendment of agreement, contract and constitution
  , Land-use right as investment and its transfer, lease and mortgage.
  , Immovable property as investment and its lease and mortgage.
  , Intellectual property and know-how as investment and its licensed use.
  , Transfer of shares and other investing rights.
  , Share mortgage.


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